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Romanian cinema: Record number of films in the race for Gopo Awards 2023 nominations

A record of 117 Romanian films, released in cinemas, national and international festivals or on video on demand platforms in 2022, entered the race for nominations at Gopo Awards 2023. The 17th edition of the most important event rewarding and celebrating the annual achievements of the Romanian cinema will take place in April.

The pre-selection jury, which will determine the nominations for all categories, was appointed by Gopo’s advisory board and is made up of 11 film professionals.

A total of 37 feature films are on the proposed list for Best Picture nominations, among them Metronom (directed by Alexandru Belc), Miracol/Miracle (Bogdan George Apetri), Capra cu Trei Iezi/The Goat and Her Three Kids (Victor Canache), Imaculat/Immaculate (Monica Stan, George Chiper-Lillemark), Teambuilding (Matei Dima, Alex Coteț, Cosmin Nedelcu), and Pentru mine tu esti Ceausescu/You are Ceausescu to me (Sebastian Mihailescu).

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