29 septembrie 2023
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Gopo at Lambiek Comiclopedia : ‘Gopo’s Little Man’

Ion Popescu was a Romanian graphic artist and animator, best known as the creator of the little black-and-white man, who is often referred to as 'Gopo's Little Man' or 'Homo Sapien'. Popescu...

Han robado una bomba (S-a furat o bomba) / The Romanian silent classic about a group of mob gangsters who steal an atomic bomb

La trama es simple y eficaz. A las manos de un joven bien plantado llega por casualidad un maletín que contiene una potente bomba que ha sido sustraída por una banda de...

Romanian cinema: Record number of films in the race for Gopo Awards 2023 nominations

A record of 117 Romanian films, released in cinemas, national and international festivals or on video on demand platforms in 2022, entered the race for nominations at Gopo Awards 2023. The 17th...

Gopo „Șah”

Gopo „Dilema”

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